6 Important questions for your personal injury attorney

Article submitted by Barry K. Rothman.

idlaw-decPersonal injury accidents are unexpected and leave victims unprepared and unsure of how to proceed. Here are some important questions for your personal injury attorney.

What areas of law does the attorney specialize in? – You should look at an attorney who specializes in personal injury law. This will provide you with specialized consultations and counsel that will get you the best results.

Has the attorney taken cases similar to this one in the past? How many? How did they turn out? – Practice makes attorneys perform better and therefore you should look into your attorney’s past performance and the results he/she has obtained.

Will other attorneys be working on this case? – Sometimes attorneys have other assistants who help and sometimes attend hearings. Ask your attorney who will be representing you in court.

How long does the attorney think it will take to resolve this case? –. You should know how long the case would approximately take, as legal proceedings can disrupt your life.

Does the attorney work on a contingency basis? – Most personal injury attorneys will take a portion of the damages you receive. This is called a contingency fee. An hourly fee, on the other hand, will be very expensive and therefore such attorneys should be avoided.

Can anything be done to improve the chances of the case being successful? – You should ask your attorney if there is anything you can do to ensure successful closure of your case. Ask your attorney if you need to see a number of doctors, talk to investigators, and remain involved in your case until its conclusion.

Article submitted by Barry K. Rothman. Barry K. Rothman is a boutique law firm serving clients in the entertainment industry. Read Barry K. Rothman reviews to see client satisfaction stories.