How Does Dental Malpractice Occur in the Case of Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction is a common dental procedure, that’s why dental malpractice related to it is also common. OC dental malpractice attorney Dane Levy of Levy Law Firm says that there are always various types of dental misconduct happening during tooth extraction. For example-

Extracting the wrong tooth: Failing to identify the tooth that needs to be extracted or accidentally or intentionally extracting a healthy tooth instead of the affected one.

Leaving a piece of the root or teeth behind: This can lead to severe dental infection and further injury, which will require additional treatment.

Not using anesthesia during the procedure: Tooth extraction is an extremely painful process, especially if it is not a baby tooth.

Using too much force during the procedure: Tooth extraction is already a painful process for the patient; even with anesthesia, it can be quite unnerving. On top of that, if the dentist uses too much force, it can cause injuries like nerve damage and hurt the patient even more.

Causing nerve damage during extraction: According to Dane Levy’s experience, nerve damage during tooth extraction is a fairly common occurrence of dental malpractice. It can result in partial paralysis and loss of taste for the patient’s remaining lifetime.

Not taking the patient’s consent for extraction: No medical procedure, especially something as transformative as tooth extraction, can be conducted without the patient’s consent. Only the patient can consent, and no one else.

All of these can be very damaging for a patient, so the dentist deserves to get sued for it if they refuse to take accountability. If you’re planning to sue your dentist and are from California, you can consider consulting dentist negligence injury, Attorney Dane Levy.