Resolve Your Personal Disputes with Family Law Attorney

Every family relation is rewarding and beneficial to couples, children and relatives. This is because almost everybody requires an amicable company, acceptance and a sense of belonging. But a family life is not always blissful and rosy. Often a time comes when the parties involved in a marriage relation become estranged and want to bring their relation to an end. At this point of time the family lawyer plays a significant role.

The area of family law encompasses several legal issues surrounding marriage, parenthood, divorce and separation. It is also popular as matrimonial law and includes basic tenets common to most jurisdictions. Nevertheless family laws are mainly passed at the state level. The embodiments of statutes are referred to as Domestic Relations Code, Family Code, Marital Relations Code and the Children’s Code on the basis of the state. If you want to know how they are applied in your state, you should consult with an attorney. An expert attorney could help you resolve your legal disputes. In case of complex issues in divorce, a number of things are to be addressed such as division of assets, visitation rights, custody of children, child support, child welfare and domestic violence. The family law attorneys are legally permitted to represent the parties in these matters.

If you like to take the help of a legal action, it will be wise to hire a competent attorney. The professionals are well versed in family law and could help you obtain your desired level of satisfaction.

Let’s check out the areas that fall under the domain of family law:

Marriage Contract

In every state there is a rule for the legal marriage like a minimum age at which the couple could get married without taking the consent of their parents. There is also the law to nullify certain marriages taking place within a certain degree of consanguinity for instance when a party is already married, when any one party is of unsound mind and if a party is a minor and does not get parental consent for marriage.


This is a common issue resolved by most attorneys. Every state has a body of law governing the divorce procedure including requirements for filing a divorce as well as a waiting period before the finalisation of the divorce. When all the states allow parties for filing a no-fault divorce, there are also laws that let the parties file for ‘fault’ like extreme cruelty, abandonment or adultery. Laws are also prevalent for establishing the separation of community property like the debt and protecting property existing before the marriage. Moreover there are provisions for alimony or spousal support.

In most cases, the attorneys help the couples to settle crucial issues of their marriage like the allocation of assets, execution of pre-marriage and post-marriage agreements, spousal support and custody right of children. In these cases both parties are encouraged by the attorney to go for a negotiation in the court for the welfare of all. A skilled attorney effectively deals with conflict resolution and counselling and helps you reach an amicable settlement. But if this is not helpful, the professional attorneys could help you start the process of lawsuit that brings a court of law judge into the picture. The magistrate arbitrates all unsettled matters related to marital unions and dissolution.

Child related concerns

A family lawyer also plays a significant role in dealing with issues associated with children welfare. They include the issues related to children arising from the divorce of their parents or their separation. Moreover there could be other issues like helping couples to adopt children through legal works and termination of parental rights. In addition the attorneys could help abused or troubled children who like to emancipate themselves legally from their parents. However a child should be minimum 16 years old for seeking emancipation. The attorneys also represent children facing juvenile law for misdemeanours or any other serious crime.


The family law also deals with name changes, same-sex marriage and domestic violence. Any condition dealing with personal issues associated with individuals and families tends to fall under the category of family law. Gain knowledge about the different areas of family law and resolve your personal disputes by hiring an attorney expert in solving issues related to family law.