The Qualifications for a Construction Expert Witness

Construction Expert WitnessWhen managing a legal matter involving construction workmanship, you need a construction expert witness. You can have the most powerful legal team in the construction field on your side, but they are unlikely to have the hands-on experience and background in actual construction. This is where your expert comes in.

Before hiring one, make sure they have the credentials and credibility you need.

  • Be sure they’re ready to do the job. They shouldn’t merely inspect sites and prepare documentation. According to Lyle Charles, experts should be prepared to give depositions and testimony.
  • As these matters can go on for years, it’s imperative your expert has support — an experienced team — that can pick up the slack if they’re not available or, worse, they move on.
  • Don’t feel the need to laser point specifics of an expert’s background. An expert with a broad history in construction matters can bring a deep comprehension of issues to the table, as opposed to the expert who’s handled hundreds of Section 8 housing matters. You can also someone like Lyle Charles Consulting, a firm with employees of varied disciplines.
  • All cases are unique. Do not feel compelled to work with the same expert every time. Use the one that’s best qualified for the matter on the docket.
  • Litigation is nothing if not stressful. Make sure any construction consulting services are a good fit for you personally.
  • Look out for experts with audit or tax client loads. Some clients could take precedent over your case. You want someone that’s available as long as your case in open, not when they can fit you into their schedules.