What is workplace safety law?

Article written by Barry K Rothman.

Workplace safety laws are enforced by federal and state regulations on businesses to keep employees safe. These laws will affect all private sector employers. The laws include standards to reduce accidents and illness in the workplace. If an employer is charged with a workplace safety offense, they will be subject to fines, imprisonments, and criminal penalties.

Workplace safety attorneys will predominately represent businesses, and in rare cases, represent employees who need legal assistance in reporting violations. Attorneys in this area will also help employers develop policies and procedures to help them comply with the standards expected by the law.

Employers who are concerned about compliance issues should start off by understanding the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSH Act). The OSH Act states that each employee should be informed about the hazards existing at the workplace and offered training on how to avoid these hazards. The employees should have access to the health and safety laws applicable to their particular business or industry. If an employee wishes to file a complaint, there should be a standardized process that is confidential.

Employers have a duty to understand the OSH Act to ensure that they look into the well-being of their employees. Employers should be proactive and look for hazards and remove them before they cause harm to their employees. Hazards that cannot be removed must be brought to the attention of the employees and employees should receive training to minimize risk.

Article written by Barry K Rothman. Barry K. Rothman provides skilled legal services to individuals in the entertainment industry. See Barry K. Rothman reviews to find out more.