Your First Years as a Construction Consultant

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construction-consultantBelieve it or not, construction consulting services can be both lucrative and valuable for your customers too. Starting a consulting business does require dedication to a business plan, and substantial experience within the industry, but it’s a good career to get into after years of working in construction. If you’ve ever been on a job site and felt you could do a better job managing those demands, consulting might be the ideal career path for you.


Your first step to getting into this profession is determining a pathway inside. Most people who launch a consulting career have some kind of past work experience on construction sites, either managing projects or physically working on them. Even a construction expert witness could enter this career path, provided he or she accumulated enough experience to learn more about the industry.


Construction advisory services aren’t a dime a dozen, but marketing can be tricky. Your first clients will most likely come from word of mouth, but cold calling is essential. Perfect a pitch and get it down to less than a minute. Carry business cards with you at all times, and volunteer for local organizations to give yourself a chance to exhibit your work.

Determine the “Why”

The “why” in this case being: “why should anyone hire you?” This role is extremely niche, and it requires someone who is as much sales person as effective manager. You need to prove your role will bring value to the table. Do that, and your work will never dry up.

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