A guide to construction expert witness testimony

lylecharles-16Written by Lyle Charles

Construction claims are complex and can involve many parties. Construction expert witnesses will understand the engineering and construction practices that apply to the specific construction company, its project, and the claim. Construction expert witnesses will also provide testimony, by analyzing the relevant facts of the claim and explaining this to the counsel and jury. Most claims will start off with a forensic investigation to distinguish the truth from the allegations. Companies that offer such services will also offer construction advisory services on this and other matters relating to construction.

Construction expert witnesses offer the following services

Claims evaluation and quantification

Damages analysis and quantification

Construction productivity loss

Damage evaluations

Construction defect evaluation

Arbitration and mediation support

You will have to provide your construction expert witness with the following information, which includes; contracts, schedules, bid estimates, design documents, change orders, and correspondence in order for your consultant to thoroughly evaluate the issues surrounding your suit.

The length of time for a claim evaluation will depend on the size of your construction company and the information that has to be analyzed for the suit. It is advisable to include a manager or a senior executive from your company who clearly understands the processes within your firm, has access to the information required and can work as a bridge for the consulting expert and the construction company.

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