Construction claims and disputes

Written by Lyle Charles

Most construction turnaround services will offer specialized teams to handle and mitigate a construction company’s disputes. Services include construction management, claims, construction accidents and construction dispute resolution, with the help of assigned construction claims expert personnel. Here is a list of areas that construction turnaround services can assist with:

Design and construction – Construction claims can arise from the beginning of a project and can include the architecture and the design of a structure.

Forensic Construction Investigation – Experienced engineers will be able to evaluate the damage that may arise from wind events, flooding, ice, fires, and explosions. Experts will also evaluate the mechanical impact from vehicles and debris, ground subsidence or nearby construction.

Construction management – Experts will plan and review construction projects to help resolve future problems that may arise.

Construction claims and advisory services – Construction experts will also assist to formulate, develop and execute the project plan.  Services often also include assessing the plan, projecting cash flows and execution of the plan.

Construction surety bonds – Bonds are an important part of construction projects, and it is important that the performance of bonds are assessed.

Most construction turnaround service firms are aggressive, controlling and look at reducing losses and claims by carefully evaluating the project’s performance.


Experts, such as Lyle Charles provide a professional opinion and complete construction claim analysis for contractors looking for a construction expert witness with a construction background.