Covering For Project Managers Who Are Out On Disability Or Hiatus

If you’re working as a construction consultant, you may think that your duties are fairly straightforward. But what if you’re suddenly put into a position where you are supervising others? It may be because your own supervisor has suddenly had to take sick or another type of leave. Your boss can count on certain legal protections during this time. But can you?

If you’re working for a firm where the possibility exists that you might suddenly be thrust into a temporary supervisory position, you need to make sure that you are legally protected says Lyle Charles. There are a couple of reasons for this. The first concerns your pay scale. Presumably, your boss is making more money than you. If your employer has officially (if temporarily) put you in charge, then your salary should reflect this temporary status.

The second reason to make sure that all is in order before assuming temporary leadership concerns taxes. A change in salary means a change in this as well. It’s important that you confirm that you have up to date and correct personnel documents in hand documenting any salary changes.

Finally, you should understand your rights if your supervisor ultimately doesn’t return from leave, and you are interested in permanently assuming the position. It is not unusual for administrators to temporarily fill a supervisory position with someone “unqualified” to permanently hold it. However, it’s illegal in most circumstances to forbid temporary supervisors from competing with other applicants for such positions.

A firm’s human resources office should and usually does review all of this with temporary supervisors. But to protect yourself, don’t hesitate to consult with HR on any issues that you may have. It can be great to be boss. But it’s even more so with the proper protections in place.