How to get the most out of your project team?

Summary: You can hit your goal when you get the most out of your project team. Do so by maintaining accountability, motiving the team, following up, and avoiding micromanagement.

Getting the best out of your project team is a sure way to improving overall productivity and attaining project goals. It is often the project manager’s responsibility to provide direction and guidance to a project team. Here are a few tips to ensure you get the most out of your project team.

Accountability – Delegating tasks is key to making each team member accountable for their role within the team. Look at breaking down goals and assigning tasks to members. It is important that tasks have a deadline and are quantifiable.

Motivate – Motivating your members to work better and smarter is key to team success. As a project manager, you should show your motivation to the success of a project to instill commitment and motivate your team.

Follow up – Once tasks are assigned it is important that progress is checked to ensure that tasks are continuing as planned.

Avoid micromanaging – Checking on your team too many times during the day can stress your team and cause demotivation. Look at a weekly progress update from each team member to ensure that work is completed as planned.

Provide access – Your team should have access to information they need to work on their tasks. Look at providing access to all work-related information and technology, so that your team can work smarter and achieve results faster.

Written by Lyle Charles, who has a wide range of construction consulting services that can help a business reach its goals.