The advantages of interim management and turnaround services

One of the biggest differences between consultants and interim management services is that consultants always operate “outside” of the organization. The consultant provides services for a limited duration and often doesn’t get involved in the actual task of turning around the project or organization. Lyle Charles lays out some of the advantages of getting interim management to turn your project around:


The interim management in any scenario like construction & turnaround services means the involvement of high caliber individuals. Take any position the interim team will fill, and you will find that the stand-in personnel is far more senior than a person who would normally fill that role.


Since turnaround teams are part of the functional organization for the duration of the project, there is a better understanding of where the project stands. Often, when consultants provide input, their exposure is limited to their immediate scope.


Probably the biggest advantage is that rather than provide input and a basic work plan to address the shortcomings of the project, a turnaround team will make it their mission to execute the plan. The speed and execution of the plan will be faster with the caliber of the stand-in team.


The team will take ownership of the project and bear the responsibility for the execution. As a result, the team will also bear the brunt of any consequences of the project plan and how they go about implementation. This kind of responsibility ensures a high level of engagement