What to Consider Before Letting Your Tenants Make Property Changes

Summary: Allowing renters to make changes to your house is a tricky situation. If you agree to allow them to make changes, you will want to make sure the alterations go smoothly.


If you are planning on renting your property out to others you should clearly communicate what is allowed. Setting rules and boundaries are important parts of the leasing agreement drafting process, because it helps clear confusion on how much freedom the people living in your house will have throughout their stay.


Impacts on Value


If you do decide to allow your tenants make modifications to the house, you will need to be clear about what kinds of modifications are permitted. Although the tenants may be living in the house for years, think about the kinds of modifications that can drastically impact the value of the house.


For example, if your tenants want to build a pool in the backyard they would have to get rid of a lot of grass or pavement to make space. A pool can sometimes drive house value up, but it is also an expensive addition that requires a lot of maintenance to keep it safe and looking fresh. A request to repaint the walls, on the other hand, can easily be reverted after the tenants move out.


Finding Workers You Trust


When it comes to construction projects finding competent workers you can trust to do a good job is important. If you agree to allow the tenants to make an alteration to the house, it would be wise to look into the construction workers to be certain that they are qualified enough for the kind of work the project demands. The last thing you would want is to find out the changes were made poorly, leaving you with repair costs to fix the mistakes made.


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