Why do Employers conduct background checks?


Written by Tenant Screening Services, LLC

A study undertaken by the the Society for Human Resource Management, stated that two thirds of organizations today conduct employee background checks apart from basic employment screening tests. Background checks can be done for potential employees, those being promoted or for volunteers. Most employers will check an employee’s criminal background, together with their employment and personal history before making a hiring decision. Here are the main reasons why employers are conducting background checks;

Negligent hiring lawsuits are on the rise – These lawsuits are in effect if an employee’s actions hurt another employee or a customer. This liability causes employers to be more cautious when hiring and promoting staff.

Terrorist acts – As terrorism is on the rise, most governments have introduced laws that force employers to include employee background checks into their hiring process.

Corporate scandals – Corporate scandals have caused many companies to introduce advanced employment screening methods to ensure the company’s name is intact.

Fraudulent credentials – Some candidates possess fraudulent documentation on their employment history and education, that have made employers wary.

The availability of databases with personal data – The cost of searching for employee information has become a lot easier and cheaper with a number of databases and online companies conducting accurate employee background checks.

Federal and state laws – Some states have made employee criminal checks compulsory, especially for those taking up positions that work with children, the elderly, or disabled. Most government jobs have made background checks part of the hiring process to ensure that all government employees receive their security clearance.


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